Mission Statement

The goal of the Putnam County Public Library is to provide materials, programs, and access to electronic resources that will enrich and satisfy the personal, recreational, and educational needs of its patrons. The PutnamCounty Public Library will strive to participate in library systems across the state and the nation to obtain the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and reliable information to serve its patrons.

The Putnam County Public Library is a place where reliable information may be found within and for the community. The library acquires materials for the purpose of encouraging the citizens of Putnam County to continuously educate themselves. Special efforts are put forth to provide materials or access to all subjects of interest to all library users regardless of age or education. All patron requests for information are treated with confidentiality and respect, and an attempt is made to obtain that information either in the library’s permanent collection, through interlibrary loan, or through electronic means.